Take Card Payments in the Field with Formitize

Take Card Payments in the Field with Formitize

Published on: 14-07-2015 | by Misty in mobile forms, electronic forms, paperless, mobile workforce, digital forms

SYDNEY, Australia July 2015 - Formitize leads the world in smart, mobile forms and data collection solutions. Upload, schedule, and dispatch jobs to field users with all the electronic forms needed for the job including work orders, job sheets, inspections, invoicing, and any other paper report.

Now, not only can the App’s users complete the work and invoice the customer, but can also take the card payment there and then without leaving the Formitize App.

Formitize enables users to securely accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards from customers all over the world, fully integrated into existing worksheets and job flow.

Once an invoice is raised (and paid), all details can then integrate directly into accounting solutions, such as Xero or Quickbooks and an automated invoice instantly sent.

Formitize offers a complete end-to-end solution and not a piece of paper in sight.

This amazing paperless tool lets users:

Create a New Job or Task - pulling customer information from the Formitize Customer Database or from an external database or from a web lead dropping into Unassigned Jobs.
Schedule that Job or Task using the Integrated Scheduler (including People and Assets) as a one off or recurring job
Your mobile workforce in the field receive a new job notification along with Directional Route Guidance from where they are to the job location.
They open the job and all relevant mobile forms are ready to complete, some may have been pre-filled in the office to save time.
All calculations, time and date stamping, GPS Address grab are done automatically to save time and mistakes. The digital forms collects photos and tags them with an advanced drawing tool.
When preparing the Order details, by entering stock numbers or keywords, all of the line items from Xero or other database auto-populate the form with all linked data, item codes, descriptions and pricing so that the user just needs to confirm the quantity.
The final price is automatically calculated including taxes using the database lookup on the items ordered.
The customer agrees to the order and price and signs the on-screen acceptance.
The card payment pop-up then collects the card details and processes the payment.
The customer is instantly emailed with a full color customized Confirmation of Order letter thanking them for their order.
The customer then instantly receives a Tax Invoice.
All of the order details automatically upload into the accounting system, such as Xero.
The Sales Manager is updated instantly by email with a summary of the order.
The new customer is automatically added to the sales campaign email list in Mailchimp.
And the Customer Database is updated with the Order Summary details.


Everything done instantly and correctly and not a single piece of paper in sight.

The solution is complete and available for Formitize clients in: Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Clients in other countries will also have access soon.

Welcome to Formitize – making paperwork, paperless! Take the tour today!

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